Imagine… authentic community    |   Imagine… divine interaction    |    Imagine… you 2.0

Grace Place Students invites you stop imagining and start living life to the fullest!
Let’s connect with other students and God each week, as we grow spiritually stronger.

 Grace Place Students would like to introduce you to a new type of church

Welcome to…

HOUSES are… an organic, intentionally small community that introduces you to deep, long lasting relationships that help shape your worldview.

HOUSES are… Doing Life Together! That is the mantra that shapes these communities. Walking along side each other through the ups and downs of life, while journeying towards a deeper faith in Christ.

HOUSES are… spaces to explore and question your faith.

HOUSES are… places to experience serving opportunities to help develop a servant heart.

HOUSES are… a place to belong.

HOUSES meet almost every Wednesday night. Whether it is a HOUSE PARTY, HOUSE Night Out or a HOUSE Serve Night, you will connect with your friends every week.