Breakaway Volunteers

July 10 – 14 & July 24 – 28

How does making a difference, seeing a kid smile, and having fun connecting in community sound? We have tons of awesome opportunities to get involved during Breakaway Camps.

No matter your age or abilities, we have a place for you to volunteer at Breakaway. Have the best week of your summer packed full of energy, excitement, and life changing experiences. Register to volunteer in the area of your choice:

If you LOVE kids:

  • Crew Leader – You’re the life of the party and like adventure!
  • Childcare – The smell of Johnson’s baby shampoo makes you smile!
  • Pre-K – You can talk on the phone, make dinner, and wrangle kittens all at the same time!

If you LIKE kids:

  • Creative Arts – Your Pinterest boards of full of DIY projects!
  • First Aid – You carry a first aid kit in your car and always the first to grab a Band-Aid!
  • Recreation – Everything is an obstacle course in your eyes! Fun first – safety second!

If kids really AREN’T your thing:


  • Build/Construction – You watch hours of HGTV and say “I could do that!”
  • Parent Hospitality – Parents want to stay at your kid’s birthday party!
  • Registration – Excel spreadsheets are a hobby for you!
  • Set Up/Tear Down – Extreme Makeover – Breakaway Edition!
  • Snack – You plan meals a month at a time, grocery shop online, and include the five food groups in every meal!
  • Story Teller – drama, drama, drama! You’re all about drama!

Thank you for signing up to volunteer at Breakaway! Here are some requirements we have for our volunteers:

  • Love kids
  • Attend Volunteer Training
  • Commit to the entire week
  • Adults 18+ must pass background check through Grace Place Church
  • Have fun and let God use you!

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